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Non woven products can be seen everywhere

Non woven products can be seen everywhere, and some industries are inseparable from non-woven products, such as medical and health industries, some medical products, only non-woven fabrics can be selected as materials, and with the opening of national policies and the trend of aging population, the use of non-woven fabrics will be more extensive.

On the one hand, in the face of the aging population growth, medical and social services will face great pressure, which will correspondingly drive the consumption of medical and health materials. The expenditure of the elderly in medical and health materials is also a considerable figure. At present, over 60 years old people in China have exceeded 200 million, and the immunity and resistance of the elderly are generally low. Therefore, the corresponding demand for basic protection consumables is increasing, especially disposable environmental protection masks, surgical gowns, surgical hats, wound care, etc. These expanding demands will cause inflation of medical and health materials. At present, the raw materials of disposable medical and health materials mainly come from non-woven fabrics, so the industry of non-woven fabrics will also be driven to develop in disguise.

On the other hand, with the opening of the two child policy, the market demand for maternal and infant products has expanded. Since the opening policy of the second child, the number of newborns has been increasing, and the market demand for some baby health products and women's health products has increased, indirectly driving the development of the non-woven industry.

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